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12 Major wedding myths debunked

You’re getting married! It’s an incredibly exciting, yet extremely overwhelming time in your life.

Have you stopped to think that some of the things getting you all stressed out may simply not be true? Make sure you’re not allowing one of the commonly accepted wedding myths to dictate your plans and feelings unnecessarily.

  1. You must have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen

Who made this rule? What matters if that both the bride and groom have who they want in the bridal party. What you shouldn’t be doing is adding anyone just to make up the numbers. It’s okay to have more bridesmaids than groomsmen or vice versa and it won’t look strange in the photos.

  1. Your wedding must be on a Saturday

Saturday is generally the day of choice for a wedding celebration but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. Maybe your dream venue is already fully booked for weekends or perhaps you can save a lot of money by opting for a Friday instead. Weekday weddings are increasingly popular with good reason. Read more in our blog post why you should consider a weekday wedding.

  1. You must seat your parents at the main table

Traditionally both sets of parents are seated alongside the bride and groom at the main table. For some couples this makes perfect sense but for others it is a terrible idea – for many different reasons. A smaller table for just the bride and groom is often ideal. Explore all the options in our blog post who should sit at your main table.

  1. Wedding planning is an incredible bonding experience

Dress shopping and picking out your wedding stationery can be lots of fun – but getting too many people involved can be super stressful. Far from cementing your relationship with everyone from your mom-in-law-to-be to your own sister, wedding planning can drive a wedge. Emotions are running high. Factors such as budgetary constraints while trying to accommodate multiple opinions can cause the kind of friction you don’t normally experience in your relationships. Consider this carefully and don’t be too hard on yourself if tempers fray. It’s par for the course.

  1. Everything must be perfect

Perfection is a fallacy. With an event on the scale of a wedding there are so many different people and variables involved. There will undoubtedly be some details that don’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped – but as long as you don’t allow this to fluster you, it doesn’t matter. Keep focused on the bigger picture and what this day is about.

  1. Pinterest is a bride’s best friend

When you’re stuck for inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to start designing your day, but exercise caution! Plenty of ideas online are, at best, impractical or expensive to execute. The sheer volume of beautiful images can also be overwhelming and confusing. Limit your pinning and always remain realistic and flexible. Once you’ve decided your wedding décor, stop searching.

  1. Bad weather will ruin your big day

Weather is the one element you can’t control – at all. Plan for all eventualities and maintain a positive outlook no matter what to ensure your day will be everything you dreamed whatever the weather. It can even be unexpectedly enhanced by rain or cold! To banish weather worries read our blog post what if it rains on my wedding day.

  1. Nobody eats the cake

The majority of people love cake and will squeeze a slice in! It can serve as the perfect snack later during the evening. If you arrange to have it sliced up and served, your wedding cake will invariably be devoured. Best of all provide boxes so guests can opt to take it home for later or the next day when they will surely appreciate it. This means you have good reason to order that fabulous cake you’ve had your heart set on!

  1. Roses are expensive

Roses are pretty much the same price as any other wedding-quality flower, so don’t avoid roses just because you think they will rack up the bill. Instead, be up front with your florist about your budget. Try to be open-minded regarding your wedding florals and how you achieve your look.

  1. Getting friends and family to help out is a good idea

Unless your relative is a wedding pro (and even then, do you really want them to work at your wedding?) hiring people you know to undertake important tasks often ends badly. It may be more onerous that they anticipated and it’s tricky for you to give all the direction you want to when it’s a favour. Let your guests relax and celebrate with you while your expert providers do the running around.

  1. You must include all the normal wedding traditions

From throwing confetti to the first dance, there are a number of wedding “must-dos” that don’t have to be done at all. Your wedding will be the only opportunity you get to do these things, so give it proper consideration and be confident you won’t have any regrets, but don’t listen to people who tell you what you have to do.

  1. Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life

The biggest myth of all, this sentiment puts undue pressure on the couple which in itself will stress you out! Your wedding day should be a joyous occasion overall but you might feel worried, nervous or insecure at times – that’s okay. Just go with the flow. This saying also implies it’s all downhill from here which is certainly not true! You’ve many milestones to come not to mention a lifetime of opportunities ahead for blissful, uncomplicated days spent with your best friend.


At Hudson’s venue we’ll make sure you don’t fall foul of wedding myths as we guide you all along the way during your wedding planning. Arrange a meeting to begin your journey with us.



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