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How to be the perfect father of the bride

The internet is full of information for mothers of the bride but there is very little advice out there for the fathers.

Even though flowers and dresses are probably not dad’s thing, there are plenty of really useful and extremely important jobs that he can do. Here’s our guide to being a rock star FOB!

  1. Have the budget talk ASAP

Dads are often the best at offering financial advice and at what time could your daughter possibly need more of this than now? Once the excitement of the engagement announcement has died down, ask your daughter and her fiancé if they’d like any assistance with planning the wedding budget. This is the ideal opportunity to state if and how much you’re happy to contribute – facts you should volunteer from the outset.

  1. Offer to help practically

While the girls can usually be relied upon to sort out all of the gorgeous details, fathers are generally awesome at dealing with logistics. See if you can organise accommodation and arrange transport required. Although the procurement of wedding drinks are typically the groom’s domain, you can offer input here too. Don’t think you can get away from the décor completely either – you’ll surely be able to get involved with some DIY projects. Is an arch structure required for the ceremony? Does something need to be constructed to hold the seating chart?

  1. Be the emotional support

Your daughter has likely relied on you to be a steady, comforting and encouraging presence her whole life. This is needed now more than ever. Make yourself available when she needs you. Be the level headed one in the stressful situations that will occur.

  1. Bond with the groom

For better or worse, your child had decided to team up with this guy for the rest of her life. He will be the father of your grandchildren. If you haven’t already, make an effort to spend some time with him and make him feel part of the family. If you’re extended an invitation to the bachelor party, be a sport!

  1. Nail your ‘on the day’ duties

Embrace that very special moment as you walk your beautiful daughter down the aisle. Be relaxed, reassuring and maybe even a little bit humourous if that’s your vibe. Deliver a succinct, heart-warming speech that lets the bride know just how proud of her you are. If you’ve been asked to do a father-daughter dance (or maybe you did the asking) – do it with gusto. Act as a host, especially towards the end of the evening. Most of all, truly enjoy this wonderful and momentous occasion.

We’d like to help you be the best dad ever! Start being the perfect father of the bride by suggesting the perfect venue. You can find out more about Hudson’s venue by downloading our information pack. We’re looking forward to sharing the wedding planning journey with you.


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