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Eight things to consider before picking your wedding date

So when is the big day?

That’s the first question on everyone’s lips as soon as you announce your engagement. But there is a lot to think about before you can diarise your date. As usual we’re here to help you think of everything.

  1. What dates does your perfect venue have available?

First and foremost find out the availability of your dream venue. Your venue is the first provider you’ll book and one of the biggest, most important decisions in your wedding planning. For lots of couples it makes sense to start by checking your venue’s calendar. You’ll only be lining up sadness for yourself if you set your heart on a date that is already booked. Who wants to plump for their second choice venue? Nobody!

  1. When you can you both get time off work?

Most jobs have times of year that are more pressured. For example if you’re an accountant you’ll want to avoid getting married anywhere close to the financial year end. Regardless of your career you’ll need to check in with your boss or your work calendar. Ideally couples should take off a few days prior to the wedding and sufficient time afterwards to go on honeymoon or just recuperate so ensure this will be possible.

  1. How long do you need to plan and save?

Figure out your budget, who is paying for what and how much you can save each month. This may determine how far in the future your wedding should take place. Also consider any other major life or financial events that may interfere with your planning such as moving or buying a property.

  1. Do you have any special dates?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to get married on your birthday or a particular holiday. Perhaps you’d like to tie the knot on your anniversary or the same date you got engaged. Does your significant date fall on a weekday during the year you plan to wed? No problem! Read our post about why you should consider a weekday wedding.

  1. What time of year do you prefer?

Does the groom detest hot weather? Has autumn always been your favourite season? Think about what it is you picture when you think about your wedding day and which time of year best fits with that image. The colder months are not usually the most popular choice but there are a surprisingly long list of benefits which we explain in seven reasons to have a winter wedding.

  1. Where would you like to go on honeymoon?

Is Thailand top of your destination list? In that case rainy season should be avoided. If Europe is more your cup of tea you’d probably prefer to explore during their summer. If you are planning to jet off immediately after your wedding you can consult a travel agent to make sure your dates align. Of course you can always opt to postpone your honeymoon to a few months after the big day.

  1. Can your VIP guests make it?

While it’s not wise to consult too many different people (you’ll go crazy if you try to accommodate everyone) you should make sure that the really important people are available. If you are inviting guests from out of town or overseas give them as much notice as possible if you’d like them to actually be there.

  1. Does your date clash with any other events?

If half of your guests are die hard soccer fans it would be very unfortunate if your big day clashed with the world cup final for instance. Think guests skipping out to check the score and glued to their phones. Also check local events that could impact travel and availability of accommodation. Lastly consider family events such as births or other weddings scheduled. You don’t want your guests having to choose between your big day and your cousin’s.


Now that you’ve thought everything through you can get started choosing a date right away! Contact us to check our available dates at Hudson’s venue.

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