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This is probably the first time you’re planning your own wedding and there is so much to remember.

Most couples we meet are worried that there may be things they are overlooking. The truth is there are a few details that almost every bride and groom forget about. The good news is we’ve compiled a list so that you won’t miss anything!

  1. Cake knife

The moment where you and your new spouse cut the cake as your first task as a married couple will be much photographed. Don’t let it be captured with you clutching a huge kitchen knife from the venue because you forgot to buy or borrow a proper cake cutter.

  1. Gift box

Hopefully your guests are going to gift you envelopes and cards filled with money. Make sure they have somewhere to safely and discreetly deposit these for you such as a gift box, bird cage or wedding post box.

  1. Guest book

This is possibly the only time in your life when you’ll gather ALL of your family and friends together at the same time so it would be awesome to record all those that were there and what they had to say. You don’t have to stick to a boring book. The more creative you get the more likely your guests will engage. Think signed canvases, finger print trees or date suggestions.

  1. Sunset shoot planning

Google the time of the sunset on your wedding day and consult your photographer BEFORE you plan your schedule of events. There are different ways to fit it in but you will ideally want to do some of your shoot during golden hour.

  1. Special dietary requirements

Collect instructions from your guests ahead of time with regards to special dietary requirements and advise your venue. This will avoid on-the-day embarrassment and stress.

  1. Someone to collect bouquets

Arrange one of your team to collect the bouquets on the morning of your wedding. You’ll want them for the pre-ceremony photos and you shouldn’t be running errands yourself on your wedding day.

  1. Meals for service providers

Don’t forget to book catering for your photographers, videographers, DJ and any other service providers that will be there for the duration. For more information on this subject read do I need to feed my wedding providers?

  1. Count yourselves

Also be sure to include yourself and your spouse in your final count for catering. You have to eat too!

  1. Food while getting ready

On that note, arrange for breakfast on the morning of your big day and snack platters that you can share while getting ready (nothing too messy). Don’t walk down the aisle on an empty stomach.

  1. Someone to look after your documents

You may have your ID documents with you and be handed a physical marriage certificate immediately after the ceremony. Nothing is more stressful than mislaying important paperwork and your mind will be elsewhere. Appoint a responsible person to take care of these items for you on the day.

  1. How are you getting home?

You’re bound to have thought (quite a bit) about how you will arrive but have you considered how you’ll get home or to your next destination after the wedding? Arrange these logistics in advance.

  1. Someone to tie up the loose ends

Nobody thinks about what happens afterwards. Designate one of your bridesmaids to gather up personal items left behind, gifts and leftover wedding cake at the end of the evening or the next morning by prior arrangement with the venue. Make a list a few days before the wedding of what they’ll need to collect.


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