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After the ceremony your guests will be eagerly anticipating a beverage to toast your marriage and quench their thirst.

While the tradition is to serve champagne you could opt to impress your guests with a delicious alternative to be offered instead of or alongside the bubbles.

  1. Lemonade Bar

One of our all-time favourites – present homemade lemonade in big old fashioned glass dispensers with ice, fresh mint and lemon. Let guests fill up mason jars and sip through an eco-friendly straw. Add vodka to give your lemonade a kick.

  1. G&Ts

The craft gin craze is here to stay! Set up an outdoor bar with various beautifully bottled gins and a selection of fresh fruit garnishes. Offer pink or regular tonic as well as dry lemon and let your guests order as they please.

  1. Pimms o’clock

An oldie but a goodie, this option will never disappoint on a summer’s day. Fill pitchers with iced Pimms mixed with fizzy lemonade and finished with plenty of fresh cucumber, mint, strawberries and orange slices. For a change from the standard Pimms drink swap the lemonade with ginger ale.

  1. Steri Stumpies

These bottled milkshakes are available in a range of pretty pastel colours and yummy flavours. Your guests will love the surprise of being offered a steri stumpie and popping an eco-friendly straw through the foil – just like when they were kids.

  1. Beer Barrow

Who can resist an ice old bottle of beer or cider on a hot day? Load an old wheelbarrow with popular bottled beers and ciders and top up with ice. Your guests will dive straight in.

  1. Mimosas

A twist on the classic celebratory drink of champagne, mimosas are more refreshing. Blend sparkling wine with fresh fruit juice and serve in tall champagne flutes. Add chopped fresh fruit for added appeal.

  1. Hot Chocolate

Perfect for winter, set a table with flasks of hot milk, bowls of chocolate powder and mason jars so your guests can make their own hot chocolates. Offer toppings too like mini marshmallows, whipped cream and Astros. This is bound to be a hit with any crowd.

  1. Soft Serve

So this one is not technically a drink but allow us to slip it in here anyway! Whatever the weather, your guests will enjoy indulging in a sugar cone filled with creamy soft serve as a pre-dinner treat. You can have an ice cream station or leave soft serve vouchers on the ceremony seats for guests to redeem their cone later.


For all of these pre-drinks options and lots of other brilliant wedding ideas book your wedding at Hudson’s. Download our information pack to find out more.

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