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You’re planning the biggest celebration of your life and spending more than you ever will again on one day.

Naturally you want your wedding to be unforgettable for all of the right reasons. If your guests are having fun then chances are you will too. Follow our top tips to pull off an event that will be a talking point for years to come.

  1. Excellent music

We can’t overstate the importance of great music at your wedding. It creates the vibe and affects everyone’s mood. You know your friends and family are having a great time if they’re packing out the dance floor. Good sound quality is also essential. Don’t skimp – hire an experienced professional DJ and ensure they assist you with the ceremony, pre-drinks and reception.

  1. Lots of good food

The easiest way to make your guests grumpy is to leave them hungry. Make sure there is plenty of delicious food served at regular intervals. It is generally a good idea to provide canapés as soon as possible post ceremony followed by two to three courses at dinner. Remember to make special arrangements for anybody with particular dietary requirements and for children.

  1. Jaw dropper venue

A sure fire way to wow your guests is to choose a stunning setting for your big day. Breath-taking views, gorgeous grounds and exquisite furnishings will all impress. This is of even greater importance if you are inviting guests from overseas or out of town who will travel a long way to attend. Take the opportunity to showcase why you picked this location.

  1. Happy bride

Your friends and family will take their cue from you. If you are relaxed, radiant and smiling they will follow suite. Seeing you happy makes them happy. You’ve been planning your socks off for months. Now is the time to let it all go and trust your service providers. Enjoy yourself!

  1. Good scheduling

The biggest complaint from wedding guests is being left for long periods of time twiddling their thumbs. Your wedding ceremony should ideally take around thirty minutes. Try to keep your photo session reasonable – about an hour. There is nothing worse than being bored and wondering when you’ll get to be seated and eat. For this reason give your guests a running order for the day.

  1. Thoughtful seating

Carefully plan your seating arrangements to ensure couples sit next to each other and those who would like to spend time with one another are on the same table. If you have any delicate, political family situations be sure to bear them in mind too. Keep the most important guests close to the main table.

  1. Think beverages

Avoid restricting your guests when it comes to availability of drinks. Have a full cash bar at least and if budget allows run a restricted open bar. Don’t forget to cater for those that don’t do alcohol. Have a soft option on each table as well as wine and champagne.

  1. Greet your guests

It sounds obvious but try to get to each guest personally at least once somewhere in the day to say hello and thank them for coming. Good manners go a long way and everybody likes to feel important.

  1. Comfort is key

Help your guests not to be too hot or too cold. Provide adequate shade in summer and warmth in winter. Check ahead with your venue to make sure this can be achieved. Ensure comfortable seating is available at all stages of your day. A care basket in the bathrooms with items such as painkillers for headaches and plasters for rubbing shoes is a nice touch.

  1. Concise speeches

Consider who you ask to make speeches and request that they keep it to around three minutes per person. Have a great master of ceremonies who will set the tone.

  1. Surprise entertainment

Some fun, unexpected entertainment will create a lasting impression. Photo booths, lawn games, marimba bands, fire shows, sparkler send offs and caricaturists are just a few ideas. The well-known “shoe game” is always well received if you’re up for it!

  1. Shake up the first dance

Rather than bore your friends and family with the usual slow dance learn a dramatic routine or break into a much more upbeat song with some funky choreography half way though. Keep this your secret until the night for maximum impact. Your guests will love it!


The final word of advice to ensure the ultimate wedding is of course to book Hudson’s venue! Contact us today to schedule a viewing and begin planning your perfect day.

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