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Popping questions doesn’t end once she says yes! Next the groom will ask one or more of his closest friends to be his right hand man during this crazy, wonderful time in his life.

Congratulations if you’ve signed up for this role! Once the initial excitement begins to wane you might get around to wondering what exactly it is that is expected of you. If you want to deserve the title of BEST man follow our twelve tips.

  1. Give practical support

While the groomsmen aren’t typically expected to take part in too much of the wedding planning, it’s not all paintball and pub crawls either. You can start off by helping to arrange the hire or purchase of the men’s attire. Closer to the time make yourself available to run errands, ensure the groom has packed everything he needs and finally assist him to get ready on time on the big day itself.

  1. Give emotional support

Whether they’d care to admit it or not, this is an emotional time in any man’s life. You’ll need to lend an ear when the groom wants to offload about the stress of wedding planning and the family drama than ensues. The night before the wedding you may be called upon to sooth any jitters and your shining moment will come as your buddy awaits his bride at the end of the aisle. Be armed with reassuring words.

  1. Throw a legendary bachelor party

Pick a date in plenty of time that’s not too close to the big day. Gather your fellow groomsmen to help you plan and start a what’s app group in order to communicate arrangements to the attendees. While you want it to be lots of fun and some gentle humiliation is probably par for the course, bear in mind that this is a party that the man of the moment should enjoy!

  1. Get involved

You’re not just a regular guest. Familiarise yourself with the venue, the running order of the day and the main suppliers that have been booked in advance. That way you’ll be more useful and able to readily assist with ironing out any glitches and directing friends and family members.

  1. Look after the rings

Traditionally the best man takes care of the rings before and during the ceremony. Forgetting them is a cliché for a reason – it happens! Check and double check that you have them and also ensure there are no holes in your pockets.

  1. Deliver a killer speech

This is the biggest and possibly most daunting of the best man’s responsibilities. Don’t leave it until the last minute to write your speech. Around five to a maximum of ten minutes is ideal. Don’t make inappropriate jokes or upset the bride! If you are a nervous speaker you might plan to team up with other groomsmen or even present a super special pre-recorded video. Find out if you should read out cards or messages that have been sent to the couple and don’t forget that it’s your job to propose a toast to the newlyweds.

  1. Keep eyes on the groom

During the wedding reception look after your buddy. Check that he’s had some food and keep his drink topped up (without getting him drunk).

  1. Help host

You will be expected to act as co-host. This involves making sure guests are happy and importantly keeping the party going! You should be on the dance floor with the bridesmaids straight after the first dance.

  1. Take care of the gifts

Usually the best man assists with the collection, safe-keeping and transport of wedding gifts so discuss this with the couple ahead of time.

  1. Decorate the car

If the bride and groom plan to depart at the end of the evening in their own car it’s always fun to sneak away and decorate it during the course of the evening. Think tin cans and lipstick. However – not every couple will appreciate this so fish for their feelings and judge accordingly.

  1. Tie up loose ends

After the big day the newlyweds should be jetting off on honeymoon without a care in the world. Facilitate this by asking them what you can wrap up for them after the event. Ensuring the return of hired suits is a must.

  1. Be proud

Most importantly of all recognise what an honour it is to have been asked to do this job! Bask in the glow of friendship and enjoy all of the awesome moments along the way with your best friend.


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