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Some couples automatically include their service providers for full catering while others wonder why they have to fork out extra to buy meals for people they’ve already paid a lot of money to and who will after all be working at their wedding.

Because you’re not doing this every week but your providers are, we’ve spent some time chatting to them so that we can share their side of the story with you.

Who needs to be fed and why?

Any provider who is going to be present for most of your reception should be fed. This generally includes photographers, videographers, DJs, band members and their various assistants. These people will likely be working upwards of ten hours and are often setting-up or running around long before you walk down the aisle. Many providers include their catering expectations in their contracts so be sure to pay attention. The last thing you want is a low-energy or “hangry” provider! You need your team to finish their jobs just as strongly as they started. It’s impractical for them to bring their own food and this would not look good either. You also don’t want your DJ missing for the first dance because he’s run to his car to grab a sandwich. This means you need to arrange food for them. Make sure all providers are included in your final headcount.

What should they be fed?

Best of all is to provide the same menu for your providers as for your guests so as not to differentiate. It’s good manners to look after those providing a service for you and anyone that feels appreciated will naturally go the extra mile to give you their absolute best. However, sometimes budget just doesn’t allow. Most providers understand this and will be very happy to receive either just the main course or a different meal so long as they are nourished. Once again be sure to check your contract before hiring anyone to work at your wedding as some may make specific requests. Also clarify how many assistants will be brought along if any.

It’s a good idea to find out if your providers have any special dietary needs just as you would with your regular guests. Though most are good at being upfront about this some are too polite but would still love to be appropriately catered for.

Don’t be afraid to talk to anyone of your team about how catering for them will work. It’s best to do this ahead of the big day and avoid any awkward mishaps.

Where and when should they be fed?

It works excellently to set-up a smaller separate table just for your team. They’ll then have space for their equipment and won’t disturb your friends and family with their constant coming and going. As a bonus this could save on décor costs as you’ll have one less table to decorate. Any experienced provider will eat their food only at an appropriate juncture. It generally works fine if they eat when you do as there is nothing else major taking place at those times.

What about drinks?

Lastly, make sure that chilled water will be available for your providers and if possible some juice or another soft drink. You don’t need to provide alcohol. Professional providers definitely won’t want to drink on the job!


At Hudson’s venue we look after your service providers just like all of your other guests to ensure they can do the best job for you. Download an information pack to explore hosting your wedding with us.

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