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INTERVIEW WITH A WEDDING PROVIDER #4 Troy Goldie, Marriage Officer

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When your big day finally arrives you will want somebody experienced, friendly and calm to soothe your nerves and guide you through the momentous occasion of your wedding ceremony.

You will want this person to conduct your ceremony in the way that you would like it done making you feel completely comfortable. In addition to this, you will need them to be reliable, punctual and to diligently take care of the legal aspect of your marriage. You should therefore carefully select your marriage officer to ensure that they fulfil all of these requirements.

We would like to introduce you to Troy Goldie, an industry veteran and Hudson’s recommended marriage officer for the past nine years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tell us a little more about your company and the service that you offer…

I am a one man business but the truth is that I don’t want to be seen as a business or even as a service provider. What I do is a very special part of any wedding. I believe that this should be remembered first and foremost rather than looking upon my role as a business transaction.

How long have you been working in the industry?

Almost 20 years since 1999.

What price range is your service?

The costs involved are a reflection of my passion and commitment to each couple. I want to make their wedding the most amazing day. To do this I connect with my couples before I focus on costs. My fee is currently just over R3000 which includes preparation meetings as well as the service on the wedding day.

How many weddings do you estimate you have been involved in?

I have lost count but the figure is most certainly in the thousands! The amazing thing is that I am still in contact with many of my couples even up to 17 years after marrying them. A large number of these weddings have taken place at Hudson’s – one of my all-time favourite venues.

What is one of the challenges you face in your industry?

Dealing with Home Affairs is always a challenge. That is the same for any marriage officer. However any difficulty I face does not even compare to the joy of being part of a couple’s most special day.

What makes your service unique?

I take my weddings personally and believe that every couple has the right to decide what they want with regards to their wedding service. I therefore spend time getting to know the couple and what they want. I have a very relaxed and fun approach to weddings and have found that couples and their guests respond to a wedding that is a fun experience while also meaningful.

About a year ago I started doing vlogs and created a YouTube channel. I now vlog the weddings that I do and the venues I go to. I travel on my motorbike and speak as I ride to the wedding then film the venue and the service. For couples not having a videographer, I make this footage available at no extra cost. I have also done a series of vlogs about the legal requirements of getting married in South Africa. This is valuable information that will help many couples understand all the legal issues affecting them.

Tell us about a wedding that you remember and why…

There are so many fantastic couples I have married. I love the fact that I have married such a wide range of people which is very rewarding. One wedding that sticks in my mind was done in Lake Side many years ago. It was a Friday evening and the couple had the wedding in their lounge. All the lights were off and they had tea light candles scattered all over including one on the table next to me.  As I was talking a big fluffy cat jumped up onto the table right above the candle and the cat burst into flames! The cat immediately jumped down and luckily the flames were extinguished as he did so. I simply said, “Your cat is on fire” then carried on with the service.

What piece of advice would you most like to offer brides and grooms reading this?

For a lot of couples the influences pressed upon them from parents, friends or the bridal party cause so much stress and sadness. Be strong and make sure you let people know that you will do your wedding your way.

Also, book your marriage officer early. I am often the last person on the list of requirements and often get calls very close to the wedding date. The better marriage officers will always be booked first which can leave your choices very limited. I have bookings into December 2019 already so don’t delay.

What is your service mission statement?

It is not my wedding, it is yours. I will celebrate your love, friendship and your story in a fun, relaxed way.


Get in touch with Troy


+ 27 (0) 828524571 or +27 (0) 219305119

Troy Goldie Marriage Officer Facebook

Troy Goldie Marriage Officer Youtube channel


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