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Before you can begin formulating your wedding seating plan you need to decide who will be seated at the main table. There are plenty of options and lots of politics to consider. The most crucial factor is your own preference. Discuss with your fiancé what the two of you will be most comfortable with. You want to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your own wedding reception and who you are seated with will play a big role in this.

  1. The sweetheart table

Over recent years a table for two has become a very popular option. While some couples shy away from being the only focus of attention many see this as a way to avoid any drama. Nobody has to be selected above anybody else to be given the most significant seats in the house. Importantly you will be assured of having at least a few moments of peace throughout the evening to catch up in privacy with your new spouse. As an additional bonus you may save a little on flowers and décor as a smaller table should mean less is required. In this case it is ideal to position your priority guests such as your parents and your bridal party at tables flanking the main table.

  1. The traditional option

The most widely accepted main table consists of six people: the couple with both sets of parents. This is a wonderful way to honour the people who raised you (and who may be footing a large part of the wedding bill). They will likely enjoy their own moment of limelight on your big day. You might also appreciate the moral support of your mom and dad during this big and rather emotional occasion. Doing it this way is naturally trickier if there have been any divorces. It is not unheard of to devise a plan that either includes step-parents or has separated parents putting aside their differences in order to bag a coveted spot alongside the bride and groom. If one or more parents are absent for whatever reason you may consider including a grandparent or two.

  1. Your bridal party

Some couples opt to have their bridesmaids and groomsmen join them at the head table. This makes sense as these people should be your closest friends. Difficulty will arise if you have a very large bridal party as you don’t want to end up with a ridiculously long table. For the same reason you might not be able to include their partners which can make the reception lonely and awkward for all of them. This can be overcome by choosing a non-traditional layout such as seating down both sides of the table.

  1. Scrap the main table

Most brides and grooms look forward to their only opportunity to sit at a head table as the guests of honour. However, some couples just don’t want the pomp and ceremony (or the politics) that comes with an official main table. They prefer to blend in by having “just another table” that is identical to all of the other guest tables and seat themselves with whichever friends and family they choose.

  1. Everyone

An unusual but quirky concept is for the couple to have two places set at every guest table. This way the bride and groom can sit anywhere at will and ensure that every single guest has the privilege of being seated with them. You might choose to enjoy starters with table one, speeches with table two and so on. There are some obvious drawbacks with this option. If you have ten tables, for example, you will end up having twenty extra place settings which could add a considerable amount to your décor bill. In addition, always having two empty spaces at all but one table is not ideal. Playing the “social butterfly” all evening could also be extremely draining.


Whatever configuration you go for you will be accommodated at Hudson’s venue. To find out more about planning your wedding with us download an information pack.

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