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When it comes to picking a date for their big day couples traditionally opt for a Saturday without even considering that there are other options. Happily we are seeing a growing trend towards Monday to Friday weddings as prospective brides and grooms realise there is no need for that weekend date and plenty of great reasons to plan an “un-Saturday” wedding instead.


This is often the problem that prompts couples to start thinking about days other than a Saturday. The best venues can be booked up more than a year in advance. Once all of the Saturdays are filled you are left with the choice of either plumping for another day of the week or settling for a venue that is not your first pick. Surely you would prefer to get married at the venue of your dreams on another day rather than somewhere substandard simply to accommodate other people’s ideas of when your wedding should be? You will also have a much better chance of securing your preferred suppliers.


As unromantic as it sounds the biggest factor on any newly engaged couple’s agenda is cost. This is a huge advantage when you make the mental leap to a weekday wedding! Both venues and suppliers offer discounted rates for dates perceived as less popular. The difference in price can be enough to pay for your perfect honeymoon. Travel and accommodation will also be cheaper for your guests coming from a distance.

Everybody loves a long weekend

Picking a Monday or Friday (or possibly even a Thursday if your guests are game for booking two days off) means you get to create your very own long weekend for you and your guests. You’ll have more time together both as a couple and to spend with your friends and family who may have travelled to be there. There is something very luxurious about indulging in extra time off when everyone else is working. Who won’t love you for forcing them to take a holiday?

Individual Attention

Venues and suppliers often service multiple weddings over busy weekends. Choose a weekday instead and you’ll be getting their undivided personal attention at a time when they are feeling fresh too.

Special dates

Not fussing over a Saturday means you can plan your wedding on any day that is meaningful to you regardless of which day of the week it falls on. Why not wed on the same date that you and your fiancé met or on your parents’ anniversary? You might even consider a weekday public holiday meaning your anniversary will coincide with an off day every year.

But our guests won’t be able to make it, will they?

If you give your friends and family plenty of notice they should be able to arrange to be there for your special day. A late afternoon Friday wedding, for example, would require them to book a half day holiday at most. If attending your wedding is not important enough for them to be able to plan around the date, do you really want them there anyway? Having a weekday wedding can actually help you to naturally “prune” your guest list to ensure you are only paying for guests deserving of a place at your wedding. Remember, even on a Saturday, there will always be some guests that cannot make your date for one reason or another. Of course if you are planning an overseas destination wedding the day of the week is definitely not an issue as the majority of your guests will likely be on holiday anyway.


Why did you want a Saturday again? Contact Hudson’s venue to find out about our available dates.

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