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The master of ceremonies (MC) plays a crucial yet often underrated role. They will “run” your wedding reception, liaising with suppliers and ensuring that proceedings continue according to your planned timeline. The MC usually welcomes your guests and gives house rules, introduces each speaker and announces important events such as your entrance, the service of each course, cutting of the cake and first dance.

A bad MC can make your reception chaotic and awkward, whereas a good one will put everyone at ease and ensure a smoothly executed event. Most couples choose a friend or family member from amongst their guests. Before you ask someone to fill this post, consider the qualities that this key player in your big day should possess.

  1. Someone who you get on with

Your MC will essentially be the go-between. Your suppliers will liaise with your MC who will in turn liaise with you so that you are not overwhelmed dealing with multiple people. You’ll therefore have plenty of interaction throughout the event with this person and you don’t want to feel irritated as a result. In addition, they will need to make quick decisions on your behalf so they should have a good sense of how you like things to happen. Your MC needs to be someone that you trust and like.

  1. A good communicator

Your MC will be coordinating the DJ and photographer as well working with the venue manager regarding the timing of food service. They will also be relaying lots of information to your guests and perhaps communicating with individual guests should a minor problem arise. It’s essential that they have good communication skills so that they can fulfil these duties effectively.

  1. Confident

Shy and retiring types need not apply for this position. Your MC should speak loudly and clearly in front of all of your guests and be able to take any small hiccups in their stride. While this calls for someone with a strong presence, you don’t want someone who will hog the limelight. This person needs to understand that theirs is a supporting role. The bride and groom are the only stars of the show.

  1. A good sense of humour

A witty person is preferable. If the MC can elicit a little laughter this will make everyone feel comfortable and entertained. You don’t want someone that will bore your guests with a dry lengthy monologue but equally any jokes should be in good taste. Make sure your MC is respectful and knows where to draw the line to avoid any offence or embarrassment.

  1. Organised

Perhaps most importantly of all your MC needs to be a very well organised individual. Supply them with your schedule of events ahead of time including a list of who will make speeches and in what order. If possible introduce them to your suppliers. You will be relying on them to keep events on track. In order do this they will need to be naturally diligent.

At Hudson’s venue we work with your MC to ensure a happy event. Arrange a viewing to discuss hosting your wedding with us.

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