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Hudsons Breakfast Weddings Stellenbosch


While not the immediate or most obvious choice for most couples, breakfast weddings are becoming increasingly popular and have lots to offer. Perhaps a relaxed brunch wedding appeals to you or maybe you’ve always had your heart set on a magical evening affair. Either way, it makes sense to evaluate the plus points and drawbacks of a morning reception.


  1. Cost saving

Everyone knows that morning weddings cost less. Venues and suppliers normally offer a discounted rate for an earlier wedding and a breakfast menu is typically quite a bit cheaper than a three course dinner. A morning reception lends itself to more casual (AKA more budget friendly) décor. You can also consider skipping the pre-drinks and canapés that are traditionally served right after the ceremony in favour of heading straight into the reception. Your photo shoot can take place in your own time after all of the formalities.

  1. Lots of light

While you will miss out on sunset, photographers love the soft pretty morning light. All-wedding-long daylight also means you get to enjoy the gorgeous views from your venue throughout instead of only until it gets dark.

  1. Availability

Because evening weddings are the go-to option for most couples, the chances are that you can have your pick of dates if you opt for a brunch instead. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice on your date. You can bag the venue of your dreams on your perfect day at much shorter notice.

  1. Time post-wedding with your spouse

Couples who choose a morning celebration get to have a long lazy afternoon chatting and having fun with their spouse after the wedding. You can make the very most of the fabulous hotel room you have forked out for and indulge in all the facilities on offer, waking up refreshed and relaxed on the first day of your honeymoon (and married life).

  1. You get to be different

Evening weddings are the norm and you and all of your guests have probably been to a bunch of them. By hosting a breakfast wedding, you get to offer your friends and family a new experience and not have your wedding compared to everyone else’s. You’ll be bucking the trend by spoiling your guests to a delicious breakfast spread.


  1. Getting up early

There is no avoiding the 5am (or earlier) wake-up call for the morning bride. You’ll need to be up at the crack of dawn to prepare your hair and make-up and you’ll have to drag all of your bridesmaids out of bed too.

  1. Short on time

Breakfast weddings span a shorter period of time than evening weddings so you will have to condense your schedule of events. You will have less time to spend with all of the family and friends that you have gathered together for your special day.

  1. Difficult for travelling guests

If you have guests travelling from afar, they will have to make the trip the day prior to your wedding which might be tricky if your breakfast wedding is on a Saturday. Remember to consider your guests travelling plans when deciding on your wedding date and time so you don’t end up disappointed if they can’t attend.

  1. Rushed set-up

If your wedding begins at around 9.30am, as a morning ceremony generally does, you and your providers will probably only have around one to two hours for any pre-wedding set-up. This means you will need to be very organised and have reliable providers that can cope with an early, seamless execution of their services.

  1. Less partying

While this is not true of all morning weddings, there does tend to be a lot less music and dancing at an early wedding. That being said, if the champagne is flowing and you set the example on the dance floor you can get the party started.


To explore both breakfast and evening wedding options at Hudson’s, book a viewing.

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