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Hudson's Weddings Advice for brides


Nobody can relate better to how you will experience your wedding day than another bride who has just been through it all herself. So we asked some of our past Hudson’s brides to share their pearls of wisdom with our future brides and compiled this list of what they had to say.

  1. Do a menu tasting

Planning a wedding together can be stressful but this is one aspect that you can turn into a date with your future spouse. Kick back and have fun together. This session will not only be helpful for deciding your menu but will also ensure that you have a chance to enjoy your whole wedding meal as on the day you might not get time to appreciate it.

  1. Be a team

Throughout the planning process you will inevitably receive conflicting input from different sides of the family and come across areas that you don’t agree on. Keep your partnership foremost in your mind and never allow yourselves to become divided.

  1. Invest in a good photographer

Look at lots of your photographer’s past work before making your booking. If they have worked at your venue before, even better. After the big day the photographs will be the only tangible thing you have left and they will last forever.

  1. Do something normal

Your wedding day can be overwhelming and you might start to feel like you are performing for everybody else all day rather than being a true version of yourself. If it all gets too much, do something familiar and grounding like kicking off your shoes and grabbing a beer or having a gossip with your bestie about something they’ve been up to.

  1. Remember to factor in traffic

Consider what the traffic will be like at the time of day when you are getting married and how this will impact you and your guests. Plan ahead so that this doesn’t throw a spanner in the works, especially if you are getting ready at a different location to your ceremony venue.

  1. Have time for yourself

It can feel as though everybody wants a piece of you and that you spend your whole day being admired, watched, touched and congratulated. Allow for some “time out” a couple of times during the course of the day. Give one of your bridesmaids a heads up and let them fend off well-wishers and providers while you take a five minute breather.

  1. Make a list of things to bring home

You’ve probably thought about making a list of items that you need to take to the venue prior to your wedding, but lots of brides forget about what will happen afterwards. Things like your cake knife and custom made signage can get left behind and by the time you’re back from honeymoon they may be impossible to track down. Task one of your bridesmaids to gather-up your list the next morning and keep everything safe for you.

  1. Eat

This sounds obvious but you will struggle to find the time or be so overwhelmed that you might forget altogether. Be strict about having breakfast, at least a snack at lunchtime and some of your meal during the reception. You can also ask your venue to bring you canapés during your photo shoot. You don’t want to feel light-headed or nauseous during proceedings or go to bed starving.

  1. Spend time with your new husband

You’ll be busy and everyone will demand your attention so don’t forget to ensure you spend some time enjoying the company of your new spouse. When you reflect on your day, you’ll want to able to think about the time you spent with him too.

  1. Savour moments

This is the big one that nearly every bride will tell you but it is true. After months of intense planning your day will slip by in a blur and suddenly it will all be over. Stop, take a breath and look around you. Make sure you take time to be fully present and absorb all the precious moments.


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