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How to plan your wedding flowers and decor


Once you’ve booked your wedding venue, you will need to turn your mind to decorating the space for your big day. At Hudson’s, you can book a consultation with our dedicated team to discuss your requirements and receive expert advice. Wherever your venue is, you will need to contract professionals to translate your desired look perfectly. Here is a guide to preparing for the first time you meet with your florist and décor provider.

  1. Think about budget

How much you have to spend will determine what type of recommendations your provider can make. You should let them know from the outset if you are working with a tight budget so that they can guide you towards more pocket friendly options. Decide how important this aspect of your wedding is to you. Would you prefer to save here and spend more on food, or would you rather cut the wedding car to have the flowers of your Pinterest dreams? Remember that the more flowers your centerpiece contains, the more it will cost. It is not a solution to make up the quantity with cheap blooms, as this won’t achieve the beautiful effect you’ve imagined.

The importance of your décor in creating the overall feel of your wedding should not be overlooked. A stylish look can be achieved without breaking the bank but do be sure to set aside a reasonable amount to avoid being completely underwhelmed. If like many couples you are unsure of how much is enough, ask your provider for ball-park figures when budget planning.

  1. Decide your style

You will need to establish your style in order to ensure a cohesive look. Here you can browse the internet to your heart’s content! Save images that appeal to you and look for the common theme. Are you leaning towards a casual, rustic look with lots of wood and hessian, or is it huge bouquets dripping with crystals that take your fancy? Do you prefer a contemporary look with geometric shapes and plenty of glass, or are you swooning over vintage silver and antique books? Do you like a tall, overstated centerpiece, or something low and subtle?

  1. Pick your colours

Now you know the overall style you are looking for, you can search for different palettes within that range. If you don’t like the idea of a colour theme, you can stick with earthy neutral tones like soft peach, cream, white and greenery. Maybe you would like a bold choice with bright colours like cerise or turquoise or perhaps you will go with this season’s trending colour combo: rose gold, blush and navy. Decide which will be your main colours, and which will be accents. Remember that you don’t have to incorporate all of your colours into every aspect of your wedding. For example, just because the groom’s suit is charcoal, this doesn’t necessarily need to feature elsewhere. Just ensure that nothing clashes.

  1. Gather your thoughts

Compile a folder of your favourite images that reflect both the style and colours you have chosen. Once you have settled upon a collection of pictures that you are excited about, it is a good idea to stop trawling websites and bridal expos for further inspiration as you may become confused. In the world of weddings EVERYTHING looks pretty! If you have any colour swatches of fabric or ribbon that you like, take this along to your décor meeting together with your images. Be prepared to allow your provider to make suggestions based on your preferences and do offer them some creative freedom. You are hiring experts so that you can tap into their knowledge and experience. Once you’ve expressed your style, you will get the best work out of your provider if they can also put a little of their own creativity into your décor.

  1. Arrange a mock table

Following your consultation, the next step is a mock-up meeting. This allows you to see everything on one table exactly as it would be on the day, complete with flowers. Bring along samples of anything that you will be adding such as favours and stationery. This is your opportunity to add, take away or substitute various elements and see the real impact. You might love everything just how it is and not change a thing. Either way, don’t be afraid to express your true feelings. You should leave your mock-up meeting happy in the knowledge that your provider is going to present everything perfectly on the day.

To hire a venue with an expert in-house décor team, contact us at Hudson’s.

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