Hudsons Metrorail events vredenheim stellenbosch

Metrorail trip to Vredenheim on 26 July!

Women’s Day will be celebrated across the world on 8th August 2015, but Metrorail and its partners invite women to celebrate a few days early this year with a special event in Stellenbosch. Departing from Cape Town, you’ll travel in a four-coach train to Vredenheim in the Stellenbosch Winelands – home to lush sprawling gardens,…

Hudsons Metrorail events Vredenheim Stellenbosch

Where Rail Meets Wine

Sustainable travel is what we need to conserve energy and travelling by train is definitely one of those modes. Travel in a four coach train through the Stellenbocsh winelands to Vredenheim Wildlife and Winery, home to a variety of wildlife and game, including the big cats!