Nicola & Warren | 20th March 2018

Our story with Nicola and Warren began way back in October 2016 when they visited us for a tour of the venue. It was a match made in heaven! They sent us a lovely thank you email afterwards setting the tone for a happy 17 months of planning. You’ll never meet a sweeter, better suited couple. We asked Nicola for the lowdown on their gorgeous wedding.

INTERVIEW WITH A WEDDING PROVIDER: #7 Nelis Engelbrecht Photography

Famous for his expert use of lighting to create jaw-dropping images, Nelis Engelbrecht has firmly established himself as a much sought-after brand name in the wedding industry. Despite this he remains humble, accommodating and super friendly. Luckily for our brides, Nelis is totally at home at Hudson’s having shot countless weddings here. It’s always a treat to see our venue portrayed through his lens.